Following the publication of the article “Offre d’emploi : Fierté Montréal privilégie les anglophones“, published March 9, 2018, in the Journal de Montreal under the pen of Francis Pilon, Montréal Pride makes amends by modifying its job offer. The organization recognizes the ambiguity perceived by the population and by the Impératif français organization in the published job offer and has modified it, emphasizing the perfect bilingualism of the candidates and not their native language.

“We apologize for this situation to the public and thank Mr. Pilon for his thorough investigation work, which will certainly reveal many similar situations quickly.” said Éric Pineault, Founding President of Montréal Pride.

The organization reiterates its need for a resource as a fully bilingual communications coordinator to ensure the writing and translation of its many communication activities to festival-goers and organizations from here and elsewhere.

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