Our “very queer” partners, Yohomo, have found a fantastic way of sharing information about everything queer happening in Toronto! Yohomo.ca is an online hub that aims to bring together Toronto’s LGBTQ2+ communities by shining a spotlight on events, plays, parties, screenings, meetups and way more! They also create exclusive mixes, playlists, profiles, and fiestas! Their dynamic website features an eclectic mix of nightlife, arts, and culture listings, and is a perfect spot for a gal on the go, who wants to check out what’s happening on a Saturday night. They also have a super cute blog, featuring community profiles, guides and stuff to read when you’re having a laid-back Sunday.

We recognize that groups and websites like these are instrumental in creating connections between people, artists and fans alike. We, at Montréal Pride, are proud to partner with people from across Canada in support of local LGBTQ2+ culture and empowerment. Yohomo continues to bring important information and visibility to the table, and we look forward to working with them further! Check out their Instagram page here: https://instagram.com/weareyohomo

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