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Founded in 2007 as an initiative of Montréal’s sexual & gender diversity communities, Montréal Pride Festival is now the largest gathering in this matter in the Francophone World.

The organization’s primary mission is to support and promote local communities while serving as a beacon of hope for people around the world who continue to battle injustice.

Today, Montréal Pride Festival attracts more than 3.4 millions local and international entries on seven days of community, cultural and festive activities including free shows, panels, the Community Day and the Parade.

Main Project

The Montréal Pride Festival annually organizes 7 days of cultural and community activities, including the Pride Parade and Community Day to promote in a festive manner the several advances of the 2SLGBTQI+ community and to generate public awareness of the issues to be addressed in eliminating homophobia, locally and internationally. Admission to the main site is free of charge as with other Montréal-based festivals.


The Montréal Pride Festival celebrates the power and beauty of diversity by enabling our 2SLGBTQI+ communities by showcasing their realities for the local public and people from around the world.



  • Demystify and generate improved public awareness of the realities of the Montréal and Quebec 2SLGBTQI+ Communities
  • Advocate for the advancement of local and international 2SLGBTQI+ Human Rights;
  • Highlight, promote and participate in the advocacy work of Montréal-based LBGTQ+ groups in their fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and serophobia;
  • Provide Montréal’s and Québec’s 2SLGBTQI+ communities with a showcase and a space for cultural expression. Over 70 per cent of performers are Montrealers;
  • Remember and celebrate the social and legal gains of the 2SLGBTQI+ communities of Montréal and of Québec through the festive, social, political, community and advocacy dimensions of the event;
  • Organize the largest national 2SLGBTQI+ gathering every year;
  • Hold and host festive, cultural, social, political, philanthropic, advocacy and community events throughout the year;
  • The Montréal Pride Festival contributes to the promotion of Montréal locally, nationally and abroad.

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