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From August 9 to 19, 2019


Montréal, August 22, 2018 — The 12th edition of the Montréal Pride festival was held in a spirit of collegiality and a great festive atmosphere. It was an outstanding edition organizers say, where festival goers took part in large numbers in the over 150 activities scheduled during the largest gathering of persons of the sexual and gender diversity in Canada and the Francophone world. The color blue was the 2018 theme inspired for a fifth year by the colors of the rainbow flag; it symbolizes serenity and harmony and was perfectly representative of the mood and ambiance of the celebrations that were shared by all.

“We are very proud of the success this 12th edition of the Montréal Pride festival has achieved! While we were poised for a slight downturn in participation for the parade compared to the 2017 edition, which was the first Canada Pride event twinned to Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations, we experienced the exact opposite and even had to end the registration period before the deadline date, a first in the festival’s history! I wish to congratulate and send my heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of thousands of festival goers whose exemplary attitude and spirit of harmony contributed to the resounding success of this 12th edition,” said Éric Pineault, the festival’s Founding President.

The Largest Parade and T-Dance to Date!

Although a traffic study has been commissioned and its results will be unveiled shortly, the Montréal Pride festival organizing committee is proud to announce that the August 19 parade and T-Dance surpassed all previous participation and attendance records. Indeed, the 2018 Pride parade brought together over 9,000 marchers and a record crowd assembled to demonstrate its support to the sexual and gender diversity communities.  Additionally, the T-Dance held at parc des Faubourgs was obviously the most attended one. Official figures will be made public soon.

More than a Festival: A Standard-bearer for Advocacy!

For the year 2018, the Board of Directors, employees and volunteers of the Montréal Pride festival notably focused on the event’s role as a standard-bearer in the advocacy on behalf of the sexual and gender diversity communities. In that respect, not only were women without any exception, placed at the head of the parade to give them the voice and the media share they deserve but the festival also went on the record with public statements on positions these communities hold dear. In particular, the focus was placed on the demands for justice for migrant trans persons, for an end to genital mutilations without consent on intersex children, on serophobia (Undetectable=Untransmittable) and on the fight against racism. The Montréal Pride festival is also reiterating its request to the Québec Government that migrant trans persons obtain ID certification documents that correspond to their expressed gender. For more information on the various issues related to sexual and gender diversity, please refer to our August 1st  press release.

WorldPride 2023: Here We Come!

While the organizing committee is already at work on the next edition of the Montréal Pride festival, it has added another task to its planning. The Montréal Pride festival will shortly be tabling the application for Montréal to become host city for the 2023 WorldPride! If it is held in Montréal, this most important gathering of sexual and gender diversity in the world will be the largest festival, all type of events combined, to be held in Canada in 2023!

Montréal Pride Festival 2019: August 8 to 18. 2019!

In 2019, the Montréal Pride festival will once again be held over 11 days of celebrations, from August 8 to 18, under the color theme of violet, the color of the rainbow flag that symbolizes the spirit. Stay tuned for all the details of this next edition which will remain synonymous with the celebration of sexual and gender diversity and advocacy for its communities!

About the Montréal Pride Festival
Since 2007, at the initiative of Montréal’s LGBTQ+ communities, the Montréal Pride Festival has promoted their rights and celebrated their cultural wealth and social advances. The largest gathering of the communities of sexual and gender diversity (SGD) in the Francophone world works locally on a daily basis while serving as a beacon of hope for people living in LGBTQ+ hostile regions of the globe. In 2018, the festival generated a total attendance of 2.1 million visitors. In 2019, the festivities will be held from August 8th to 18th. More information is available on the web page, the Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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